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Animals of the Rainforest

47 Giant Fisher-Price™ Room Stickers!
Who can you hear and what can you see in your Rainforest?
Create a scene of your own with these gorgeous peel and stick room decorations, full of engaging characters in tasteful colors.

Animals of the Rainforest Code: 02007

  • Speedy, fun and easy
  • No glue, no mess
  • Removable and re-stickable
  • Great on furniture too!

Naughty Monkey - 35.5cm/13.7”
Yellow Monkey- 33.1cm/13”
Pink Elephant- 34cm/13.4”
Mother and Baby Turtle- 25-12cm/10-4.8”
Crocodile- 21.2cm/8.4”
Leaping Tiger- 35cm/13.7”
Giraffe Height Chart- up to 1m 20cm/48"
Red and Blue Gecko- 26cm/7.9”
Sun- 22cm/8.6” wide
2 Toucans- 19.3cm/7.6”
Blue Parrot- 23.3cm/9.2”
Palm Tree- 56.2cm/22”
Sleeping Leopard- 38.6cm/15.2”
7 Tufts of Grass- 9.7 - 29.5cm/3.6-11.6”
8 Luscious Leaves- 8.2-14.6cm/3.2-5.7”
6 Butterflies and 6 Clouds
4 Bugs and 2 Climbing Frogs

Co-Ordinates with other Fisher-Price 'Animals of the Rainforest' nursery products.


28 Football Room Makeover Kit
For all football crazy fans, this is the room for you - 28 football themed room stickers. Imagine sleeping and playing in your very own football stadium, complete with giant grand stand, goal, flood lights, dug out, players’ tunnel, football buddies and more. Re-create the buzz of match day….everyday!

Football Room Makeover Kit Code: 01006

  • Speedy, fun and easy
  • No glue, no mess
  • Removable and re-stickable
  • Great on furniture, too!

Giant Grandstand - 88cm/34.7”
Goal- 98cm/38.7”
Dug out- 28cm/11”
Players’ Tunnel- 39cm/15.4”
Flood Lights- 65cm/25.6”
Footballs- 8.5cm/3.4”
Camera boy- 17.8cm/7”
Referee- 31cm/12.1”
4 Corner Flags- 44cm/17.4”
7 strips of Hoarding- 20cm/8”
Laughing Sea Gull- 7.5cm/3”

Players: Heading- 32cm/12.6”
Celebrating- 36cm/14.1”
Overhead kicker- 26cm/10.2”
Backflick kicker- 28.4cm/11.1”
Scoring- 29cm/11.5”
Running- 29.5cm/11.6”
Goal Keeper - 46cm/18.1”

Funberry Farm

Transform a room into a farmyard and make bedtime Funtime
Meet your NEW friends at Funberry farm. Bring a room to life with 72 adorable peel and stick room decorations. Packed with imaginative farmyard scenery and animals bursting with character and humour!

Bring a whole room to life with your new friends from Funberry Farm. Peel... Stick... and smile!

Room Makeover Kit Code: 01005

  • Fun and easy to apply­
  • Splashproof and washable
  • Cleanly removable

Mother Sheep - 16.3cm/6.4” high
Lamb & Fence- 21.5cm/8.4” high
3 Leaping Lambs-11.5–14cm/4.5–5.5” high
Pretty Pony- 37.5cm/14.7” high
2 Trees- 18cm-21cm/7-8.3” high
6 Tufts of Grass- 5cm/1.9” high
Donkey and Stable- 90cm/35.4” high
Wheat Sack - 15.7cm/6.2” High
Hen Coop- 48cm/18.9 high
Funberry Farm Sign14.2cm/5.6” high
Daphne the cow- 23cm/9” high
Ruffled Rooster- 17.5cm//6.8” high
5 Cheeky Chicks- 5–9cm/1.9–3.5” high
Farmyard Pond- 31cm/12.2” High
FMother Hen- 19.5cm/9” High
Messy Kittens in Milk- 25cm/9.8” high
2 Geese- 8–15cm/3.1–5.9” high
Billy Goat and Duckling- 17.5cm/6.8” high
2 Racing rabbits- 11.5cm/4.5” high
Barrel, Cartwheel and Piglet27cm/10.6” high
Muddy Pig- 15.5cm/6.1” high
White chicken- 15.5cm/6.1” high
Blossom the calf - ­39cm/15.3” high
7 pieces of horizon hedge
Bales of hay, piglet, mice and kitten
27 pieces of fence5 Flying birds
9 Fluffy Clouds
5 Butterflies
4 Mice

Funky Flowers

64 Giant Room Stickers
It's so easy… just peel each sticker from the set and apply wherever you wish to create your own Groovy Garden!

Room Makeover Kit Code: 01003

  • Speedy, fun and easy
  • No glue, no mess
  • Removable and re-stickable
  • Great on furniture, too!

2 Hip and Hop Heart Flowers (including Leafy Stem) - 1 Yellow/Purple and 1 Pink/Orange – 79cm/31.1” high
Round-a-Round Flowers (including Leafy Stem)-1 Pink/Turquoise and 1 Red/Orange – 80cm/31.5” high
Zip and Zap Spiky Flowers (including Leafy Stem)-1 Purple/Pink and 1 Purple/Turquoise – 66cm/26” high
2 Busy Buzzy Bees
3 Munching Caterpillars
5 Flutterby-Butterflies
7 Tubby Toadstools
3 'Big Love' Hearts
2 Whirly Swirly Scrolls
12 Rosy Pink Flowerettes
12 Spiky Blue Blooms
2 'Funky Flower' stickable words

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