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Undersea Adventure

96 Giant Room Stickers
Create an adorable underwater world of friendly fish, diving dolphins, whales, octopus and more, with 96 room stickers, including bubbles, seaweed and shells. Includes 96 Room Stickers

Room Makeover Kit Code: 01001

  • Speedy, fun and easy
  • No glue, no mess
  • Removable and re-stickable
  • Great on furniture, too!

Jewel-filled Treasure Chest – 48cm/18.9” high
Walter, the Wallowing Whale, with blow hole and funny fish – 46cm/18.1” high
Dara, the Happy-go-lucky Dolphin – 59cm/23.2” high
Ollie, the Giant, Giggling Octopus – 47cm/18.5” wide
Long Anchor and Rope – 76cm/29.9” high
62 Splash-About Bubbles
13 Cuttings of Curly Seaweed
6 Assorted Seashells
Bibble, Bobble and Bubble - 3 'Biglippa' Fish
Eenie Mo, Meenie Mo and Mynie Mo - 3 Cheeky, Stripy Fish
Squiggle and Giggle - 2 Wiggly Worms
Sebastian and Sabrina - 2 Happy Seahorses


50 Fabulous Room Stickers
This is the ultimate, must-have accessory – a fabulous pink bedroom make-over, that’s fun and easy to apply.
Fashion for walls in an instant. Use these fantastic luxe walls tickers to glam-up walls, doors, furniture and mirrors.

Barbie Room Decor Kit Code: 07002

Complements many other Barbie™ bedroom accessories.

  • Speedy, fun and easy
  • No glue, no mess
  • Removable and re-stickable
  • Great on furniture, too!

Giant Barbie - 87cm/34.1”
Giant High Heel - 30cm/12”
Love Heart Collage - 31cm/12.1”
Retro Boombox– 15cm/6”
Patterned Love Hearts – 7.6 – 12.5cm/3 - 5”
Precious Poodle - 33cm/13”
Nail Varnish - 15cm/6”
Cat - 24cm/9.5”
3 Speech Bubbles - 15cm/6”
Headphones - 18cm/7”
Sunglasses - 12cm/4.2”
Hairdryer– 10cm/4”
3 Barbie Banners – 27-36cm/10.7 – 14.1”
3 Barbie Portraits - 18 – 30cm/7.1 – 12”
Plus - Barbie Heart, Bow, 2 Lipsticks, Lovely Lips,8
          Diamonds, 11 Stars and 3 Roses

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