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Jungle Safari

44 Giant Room Stickers
Create a rumbling jungle room with 44 adorable animal stickers. Join Yoyo, the monkey; Chumper the elephant, Zennana the giraffe; Laurence the lion and their all happy go lucky friends.

Room Makeover Kit Code: 01002

  • Speedy, fun and easy
  • No glue, no mess
  • Removable and re-stickable
  • Great on furniture, too!

Jungle Tree Height Chart - up to 1 m 8 cms.
Laurence, the Lion – 67cm/26.4” wide
Flora, the Flamingo– 48cm/18.9” high
Zenanna, the Giraffe– 58cm/22.8” high
Chumper, the Elephant– 62cm/24.4” wide
Zephyr, the Tiger– 71cm/28” wide
Schnapper, the Crocodile44cm/17.3” wide
YoYo, the Cheeky Monkey46cm/18.1” wide
Sage, the Wise Old Tortoise– 33cm/13” wide
Croak, the Frog
6 Giant Leaves
4 Tufts of Grass
3 Jungle Vines
Slinky - Snake
Flit- Dragon Fly
Nip and Nat- 2 Buddy Bugs
Again-Again and RepetetaParrots
4 Pairs of Peeping Eyes
8 Muddy Paws

Precious Planet

Fisher-Price™ Precious Planet Room Makeover Kit
59 Bring a nursery to life, with 59 peel and stick, land and sea creatures from every corner of our precious planet. Babies and toddlers will love the bright colours and simple shapes.
Perfect for ‘point and say’ games.Includes Palm Tree Height Chart measuring up to 1m/38”.
Co-ordinates with many other Fisher Price ‘Precious Planets’

Precious Planets Kit Code: 02008

  • Speedy, fun and easy
  • No glue, no mess
  • Removable and re-stickable
  • Great on furniture too!

Your PRECIOUS PLANET kit contains 59 giant stickers:

Rhino - 16.3cm/6.4”
Flamingo - 12.9cm/5”
Octopus - 19cm/7.5”
Hippo– 29.2cm/11.6”
Lion – 31.2cm/12.2”
Orca - 32cm/12.6”
Zebra - 24.7cm/9.8”
Kangaroo - 21.5cm/8.5”
Turtle - 25.9cm/10.2”
Giraffe - 39.6cm/15.6”
Elephant - 30.1cm/11.9”
Pelican– 13cm/5.1”
Sun – 28.7cm/11.4”
Tiger - 20.8cm/8.2”
Walrus - 19.6cm/7.8”
Polar Bear - 34.8cm/13.6”
Gorilla - 34.2cm/13.4”
Dolphin - 27.9cm/11”
Panda - 37cm/14.5”
Crocodile – 26cm/10.2”
Whale – 37.6cm/14.8”

Outer Space

64 Giant Room Stickers
Blast off ! We're on a mission to outer space. Transform a room into a cosmic creation with 64 peel and stick room decorations.
Instantly creates an amazing effect and transforms a room into an intergalactic adventure ! Apply moon and stars to the ceiling or the perfect finishing touch.

Room Makeover Kit Code: 01004

  • Speedy, fun and easy
  • No glue, no mess
  • Removable and re-stickable
  • Great on furniture, too!

Planet Adastra - Yellow/Lilac – 75cm/29.5” wide
Planet Jaffa - Pink/Orange – 66cm/26” wide
Planet Fizzle - Purple/Pale Blue – 57cm/22.4” wide
'Whoosh!' Strip– 104cm/40.9” high
'FTS10' Rocket with Alfie the Alien – 129cm/50.8” high
'Earth from Space' Section81cm/31.9” high
5 Shooting Stars
53 Silver Stars


66 Giant Princess Room Stickers
It's so easy… Designed in an adorable, illustrative style in shades of powdery pink, lilac, gentle blues, subtle greens and mellow yellow. Peel each sticker from the set and apply wherever you wish to create your own candy-coloured kingdom.

Princess Room Makeover Kit Code: 01007

  • Speedy, fun and easy
  • No glue, no mess
  • Removable and re-stickable
  • Complements girls’ bedding

Princess Sweetheart – 40.5cm / 16”
Cupcake Castle55cm / 21.6”
Rainbow and Sun – 63.5cm / 25”
12 Heart-shaped Raindrops – 3.2cm / 1.2”
Apple Tree Branch – 60cm / 23.6”
Frog on a lily pad-26cm / 10.2”
5 Flower Clusters and 2 Shrubs - 11.6-18.5cm / 4.6-7.3”
3 Butterflies and 2 Dragonflies - 7-10cm / 2.8-4”
Apple and Blossom Trees - 37-57cm / 14.5-22.5”
4 Patterned Flowers - 26cm / 10.4”
Unicorn and Carriage- 32-53cm / 12.6-21”
6 Topiary Trees- 27cm / 10.6”
6 Princess Bows- 8.5cm / 3.4”
3 Toadstools- 11.3cm / 4.5”
3 Fluffy Clouds- 10.7-16.5cm / 4.2-6.5”
2 Bees - 8.7cm / 3.4”
Flower Vine- 47.7cm / 18.8”
6 Love Hearts- 5-7cm / 2-3”
3 Birds- 12.5cm / 5”

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